Oil-Water Separator


What is condensate?

Condensate generated by lubricated type Air comopressor is comprised of atmospheric borne water vapor and lubricant from the compression process. Post compression, condensate is dropped from the air stream in the cooling, refrigerated drying and filtration phases of the air treatment process.

How much is it generated and why must it be disposed of?

From an air compressor of 100 horse-power capacity, about 45,880 liters of condensate is generated (Pressure: 7kg/cm2, operation time: 24h/day, operation days: 365 days) per year.
In general, from an oil supply type air compressor, emulsion-state condensate containing oil is produced, and if it is discharged without processing in accordance with standard, then it causes contamination to natural environment.

  • Liter
Factors for areas Normal-hexane concentration Companies discharging wastewater of 2,000m2 or below per day Hydrogen ion concentration (PH)
Mineral oil (mg/L) Animal/vegetable fat (mg/L) BOD (mg/L) COD (mg/L) Floating matter mass (mg/L)
Clean area 1 or fewer 5 or fewer 40 or fewer 50 or fewer 40 or fewer 5.8 ~ 8.6
Area A 5 or fewer 30 or fewer 80 or fewer 90 or fewer 80 or fewer 5.8 ~ 8.6
Area B 5 or fewer 30 or fewer 120 or fewer 130 or fewer 120 or fewer 5.8 ~ 8.6
Special area 5 or fewer 30 or fewer 30 or fewer 40 or fewer 30 or fewer 5.8 ~ 8.6

Enhancing corporate image

Corporate image requires not only for producing good products but also for various things such as social contribution and environmental friendly, etc. Especially, corporate image on environmental friendly is very important part.

Best processing plan for condensate

Our oil-water separator, YUSOO-BREAKER can dramatically reduce the high cost in processing condensate, and provides satisfied result in improving work efficiency and corporate image with small investment.

The YUSOO-BREAKER new series is the best functional product made with our long experience and accumulated technology, and user can enjoy satisfactory convenience and efficiency in our product.

Follow-up service system

We are operating an excellent follow-up service system in order for our users not to experience difficulty in purchasing consumables and in managing product, etc. after sales other than those imported products and similar ones.


No Energy Cost & Environmental friendly products.
Low maintenance & All models series can be equipped with Heating unit for cold weather application
Reduce disposal cost
Simple installation
High operational reliability



Condensate emulsified by oil flows into the pressure relief chamber, and some pressure applied to condensate is removed by the pressure drop action of the chamber (Pressure drop is essential in order to generate gravity separation smoothly).

Oil is floated up through 1st gravity separation from the condensate stored in the pre-tank, and this oil is collected into oil collection container through oil drain pipe (Some oil which is not emulsified must be removed because it affects much to the life of the filter).

The condensate removed oil is purified during passing through the multi-stage filter container and then finally discharged.


Simple filter replacement

Other company’s oil-water separator has filter inside of it therefore, there are many case for condensate to flow, or to splash clothes with it, or to contaminate the floor during replacement of filter.

However, YUSOO-BREAKER new series has filter at the outside of it therefore, it can be simply and Cleanly replaced without flow of the condensate out.

Release Socket to detach the Hose from the filter
Release Out-let Hose
Change to new filter
Connect the Out-let
Connect the hose and fix the Socket
Finished replacement

No need to worry about expansion of the capacity of an oil-water separator.

Our innovative oil-water separator meets the needs of customers who want to increase the capacity of a compressor.

Expansion of a compressor is required when a company increases its facilities.
The capacity of an existing oil-water separator is fixed once installed and it needs to be replaced by a new product, which causes high cost and overlapping investments.

YUSOO-BREAKER NEW provides a solution to such problem.
Increase the capacity of the system just by replacing the filter.

With YUSOO-BREAKER NEW Series, you can handle increased capacity of a compressor without additional costs for replacing an oil-water separator.

Replacement filter sets


Improved Quality filter has high efficiency and easy to change

Reliable solution for Condesnate

Internally divided into Multi-stages to improve capability

High Satisfactory Performance Filters

Overflow pipe of pre-tank

It is well prepared for the end of life of filter, or capacity of condensate suddenly exceeded processing capacity and overflowed therefore this can be prevented for compressor room not to be contaminated by condensate by installing overflow pipe.

Automatic thermostat system
for winter time
Alarm function to display filter
replacement cycle
Condensate pressure relief
Reagent kit to check quality of

Auto-temperature Control : HEATING SYSTEM

A heater (Option) shall be installed with YUSOO-BREAKER to prevent freezing when it is installed and used in a place exposed to freezing.

An auto-temperature controller suitable for the model of your choice shall be used. The auto-temperature controller can be purchased as option when you purchase the Oil-water Separator, or installed at later stage.


When the water temperature drops below the set value the auto- temperature controller is automatically activated. The operational status of the Controller is indicated by a lamp.
When the water temperature reaches the set value, the auto- temperature controller is automatically stopped.
The temperature is set to 20°C as default, but it can be adjusted within the range of 20°C – 120°C.


For installation of the auto-temperature controller, place it on the screw groove of the Pre Separation Tank. Electrical connections must be performed by a quali ed technician.


The auto-temperature controller must be used only when it is submerged in water as it may cause damage and re.

The temperature shall be set to 20~30°C as anything outside this range may cause deformation of the Pre Separation Tank.



Temp set range: 20~30°C

Operation temp range: 20°C~120°C

Voltage: 110Vac or 220Vac / 50~60Hz

Power consumption: 1.0 Kw

Inlet Dia: 2″(50A)


Temp set range: 20~30°C

Operation temp range: 20°C~120°C

Voltage: 110Vac or 220Vac / 50~60Hz

Power consumption: 2.0 Kw

Inlet Dia: 2″(50A)

* Other voltages also available upon request (220VAC/ 380VAC/ 440VAC * 3Ph)