Oil-Water Separator for Air Compressor System




Splitting Agent

The broad-range(pH4 to 10), effective splitting agent
eliminates not only the need for the continual adaptation
of pH values, but also for the use of chemicals.


Filter Bags

Low water content of filter residue because of large filter surface.

Filter cake consisting of a percolating residue mass that won’t dissolve.

Low filter consumtion owing to filtration through bag filters.

Simple and fast filter replacement.


Electronic monitoring of all operating states

Microprocessor control of sequences.

Monitoring of the splitting agent supply

Permanent filter momitoring

Maintenance and alarm messages can be processed
externally via out put signal

Monitoring system enables automatic operation.


Electronic water pump(Diaphragm)

Adapted diaphragm type water pump

Convenience of installation and maintenance.

high Durability.

The ENVISOL® Method

Full Automatic System


The wastewater flows through a pressure relief chamber for treatment in the 1st pre-separator tank where free oils are reliably separated out by simple gravitational separation.
This process is unaffected by fluctuations in the wastewater in Flow.
The separated oil is discharged automatically to oil-tank while the liquid levels are monitored by a capacitive electronic system that distinguishes accurately between air, oil and emulsion. This ensure that emulsion cannot get into the oil collector, and free parts cannot enter the splitting process.
The pre-treated wastewater is then pumped into the Envisol reaction chamber for fully automatic treatment. The reaction process uses dosage as a splitting agent, a non-toxic natural aluminum mineral which is stored in a metering unit and stirred into the wastewater in amounts precisely adapted to the particular application.
The splitting agent encapsulates the oil and dirt particles. This results in easily filterable macro flock which are removed by a filter bag . The purified waste can now be discharged into the sewage system.

The ENVISOL® is controlled automatically through the electronic device and the device has a built-in all necessary control and signal functions


Compressor condensate treatment


Industrial wastewater

The condensate contaminated with oil generated from the compressor belongs to the industrial wastewater. Therefore, treatment can be entrusted to specialized companies, or shall be treated on its own.
The excess cost is generated during charging therefore, most companies prefer to handle on their own.
Our company brings ENVISOL® productivity improvement will be the company’s environmental manager to satisfy the aspects of cost efficiency as well as business.


ENVISOL® is safe contaminated with oil and emulsion processing efficiently in small-to large capacity.
ENVISOL® is equipped with a variety of models, product design and technology to maintain less and reliable.
ENVISOL® has begun to successfully purify the emulsified condensate in compressed air systems from multiple vendors in the workplace

<table> Emission standards for water pollutants
Factors for areas Hydrogen ion concentration (PH) Normal-hexane concentration Companies discharging wastewater of 2,000m2 or below per day
Mineral oil (mg/L) Animal/vegetable fat (mg/L) Biological Oxygen(BOD) Biological Oxygen(COD) Floating matter mass (mg/L)
Clean area 5.8 ~ 8.6 1 or fewer 5 or fewer 40 or fewer 50 or fewer 40 or fewer
Area A 5.8 ~ 8.6 5 below 30 or fewer 80 or fewer 90 or fewer 80 or fewer
Area B 5.8 ~ 8.6 5 below 30 or fewer 120 or fewer 130 or fewer 120 or fewer
Special area 5.8 ~ 8.6 5 below 30 or fewer 30 or fewer 40 or fewer 30 or fewer
※ Source : Water Quality Regulations