Drain master V


DRAINMASTER V is used for effective discharge of condensate under extremely low pressure such as in a vacuum..

– Working pressure 0.1bar ~ 1.8bar(abs)

* Do not use this if exceeding the working pressure, for it can affect the sealing.

DRAIN MASTER V needs clean air or gas between 4 bar and 8 bar for discharge of condensate, and control air, residual air, gas etc. within the housing may leak into the vacuum system. Thus, it should be applied to a system in which such amount of air or gas cause no problem (e.g. formation of explosive gas) in terms of technologies, production processes, and safety.

In general, DRAIN MASTER V is connected to the condensate lead-in line and requires installation of a balance(equal) air line if a large quantity of condensate is generated.



The level sensor within the housing detects the level of condensate, and the condensate lead-in line is blocked and pressure is formed in the housing if it reaches the top dead point by supplying control air or gas via opening of a solenoid valve .

The pressure formed within the housing discharges condensate when the motorized ball valve is operatedAfter condensate is completely discharged, the solenoid valve blocks control air or gas to allow inflow of condensate.


A regulator should be installed to maintain pressure for discharge of condensate between 4 bar and 8 bar.

Discharge of condensate is impossible if the pressure is below 4 bar or the valve remains opened or the valve for the vacuum system remains closed if above 8 bar.

Notice! A small amount of control air is discharged into the air when a valve is opened.

A small amount of control air or gas (nearly 1 liter) is discharged into the air when a valve is opened. If explosive or hazardous gas is used for controlling, the pipe for the gas should be connected to a gas-collection tank.

DRAINMASTER V Technical Data
Model Vacuum Pressure (max) Condensate Discharge (max) Temperature (min/max)
DM-150 BV 0.1~1.8 bar 50ℓ/hr .+1℃ ~ +80℃
Model Vacuum Pressure (max) Condensate Discharge (max) Temperature (min/max)
DM-500BV 0.1~1.8 bar 125ℓ/hr .+1℃ ~ +80℃
Model Vacuum Pressure (max) Condensate Discharge (max) Temperature (min/max)
DM-1500BV 0.1~1.8 bar 180ℓ/hr +1 ~ 80℃

* Applicable up to -25℃ if the exclusive heater (optional) is installed

DRAIN MASTER® Series Heating system

Automatic temp controller (heating unit)

The automatic temp controller prevents freeze when the condensate drain trap is installed in frozen areas or during winter.

DRAIN MASTER® Series is equipped with a dedicated heater, preventing damage by a fire to products caused by freeze in advance.

The instructions provide how to install the heater for DRAIN MASTER® Series and product composition. Please follow the instructions provided herein so as to ensure proper operation of the product.

– Composition –

Use of stainless steel ensures high durability and corrosion resistance, and the automatic temp controller maintains constant temperatures.

Connection to the lead-in line of DRAIN MASTER® Series is done by the screw thread for easy installation. Series

It is applicable to any model of DRAIN MASTER® Series and also to the existing trap.

※ For freeze protection

Technical Data
Application Temp’ -25 ~50℃ Power 110, 220Vac(±10%) 50~60Hz
Weight 0.4kg Switching Temp’ On/+5 ~ Off/+15℃
Threaded Connection G1/2” Power Input Pac < 125W
Material (Heating Cartridge) Stainless Steel Cable Cross-section 3 X 0.75㎟
(Connecting Cable) PVC 220Vac/125W Order ref. : A DM 00-1
Operating Pressure(max) 60 bar 110Vac/125W Order ref. : A DM 00-2


DM – 5,15,50

INLET x 2 : Installation by inserting a gasket into the bottom inlet hole.

DM – 150, 150B, 500, 500B

INLET x 3 : Installation by inserting a bushing and gasket into the bottom inlet hole.

DM – 1500, 1500B

Exclusive line for the heater(1/2”) : Installation by inserting a gasket into the bottom inlet hole.



1. Install according to the instructions and maintain rated voltage.

2. Provide a heating system to the condensate lead-in line.

3. Run the heating system in a frozen area or during winter.

4. Power installation should be done by qualified technicians.

※ Do not provide a heating system to our heater exclusively used for the trap.