Drain master S

Auto Drain Trap Comparison



Nozzle caliber is small structurally that is often blocked so that
there needs periodic dissolution and cleaning (0.7・ユ).

 If alien substance rises at Float Nozzle is not closed that air loss is occurred continuously.

 In case of oil supply compressor, density of oil drops
Float’s buoyancy.


TIME CONTOL Solenoid Valve

Solenoid controlled valve receives compression pressure
directly that there are a lot of disabilities.

Time setting by condensate volume is difficult that air loss is big.

When discharge noise is heavy.



Compressed air making by expensive power is emitting into air for condensate discharge.

Ex ) anual compressed air loss amount by money (based on 1 Point) :

  • Working pressure : 7.0kgf/cm²
  • Outlet diameter : 3Φ (air loss amount – 0.6559m³/min)
  • Running time : 24hr/day
  • Cost of compressed air per 1m³ : About 10 wons
    0.6559m³/minx60min/hrx24hr/day。x365day。x10won/m³ =


Air leakage is so little that economic effect is excellent, and withdrawal of early investment expense is fast.

Outlet diameter is large (inside diameter 12・ユ) that there is no block phenomenon, and it is safety because there is restoration ability when converts to emergency mode.

All operations are automated that control is easy.

Model is various from small to high-capacity according to capacity of using compressor.


Reason and solution of condensate occurrence in compressor system

Why happens condensate?

Compressor inhales air from atmosphere and saturated vapor that is flowed when compress becomes water in compression process.

In the case of condensate, was polluted extremely by dust in air, pollutant, oil etc., in the case of oil free compressor, it is acidified that causticity is strong.

Year condensation quantity that is happened Air Compressor(75kW)System.

Condensate! What is problem?

Corrodes and contaminates compressed air piping, air tank, air filter etc., and furthermore, it gives serious effect to high equipment and product in production field.

In the case of winter, condensate is exposed to danger of burst by frozen in piping and machine equipment.

Necessity of auto drain trap.

To prevent damage of condensate, there are used existing trap of ball float method and timer method, but these have fatal weakness that are often blocked or flow out much expensive compressed air.

DRAIN MASTER has equipped authoritative and convenient nature for condensate discharge that can give epoch-making change to existing condensate discharge system.

DRAIN MASTER Operation Principle

Figure 1

Figure 1 : Condensate that flowed in through lead-in line 1 is gathered in housing 2, and upper space of diaphragm 5 through pilot control line 3 becomes dynamic pressure. If diaphragm seat upper space becomes dynamic pressure, diaphragm is closed by spring pressure and it prevents escapes of compressed air.

Figure 2

Figure 2 : 2 If condensate water level rises in housing, it is sensed in the high level sensor6 and solenoid controlled valve is begun action and close supply line, compressed air in diaphragm upper space becomes atmospheric pressure state by venting. Then, diaphragm of valve 7 lifting by pressure of inflow line, condensate is discharged to outside through drain line 8.

Advantage that is DRAIN MASTER


Electrostatic Capacity Sensor

Any condensate from compression process can be sensed
correctly and discharged.

Zero loss of compressed air.

Uses of two sensors (High level, low level) protects energy loss
By air loss discharging condensate selectively.

Normal Mode
Alarm Mode
Counting Module

Automatic discharge function[Alarm]

In case of condensate in not discharged while 2 min. by scale etc.,
It makes recognition to user through alarm signal and it is converted
to automatic restoration function and it activates electric motion
ball valve by 5 sec. every 3min. It is returned by normal mode if
discharge is activated normally.



Housing coated rigid coating applying for aircraft, semiconductor
Equipment etc. of industrial equipment required durability is excellent
nature of rust proof durability and abrasion etc. so that life of housing is

Various model, beautiful design

Extended user’s selection by subdividing into three models according
to quantity of condensate, and housing is processed by anodizing method
and die casting mold that has beautiful design

Convenience of install and maintenance

Put lead-in line more than 2 lines so that power connection is easy
and piping is convenient

Housing internal pollutant cleaning is simple

The built-in strainer can prevent blockage of valve by sludge


DRAIN MASTER® Series Heating system

Automatic temp controller (heating unit)

The automatic temp controller prevents freeze when the condensate drain trap is installed in frozen areas or during winter.

DRAIN MASTER® Series is equipped with a dedicated heater, preventing damage by a fire to products caused by freeze in advance.

The instructions provide how to install the heater for DRAIN MASTER® Series and product composition. Please follow the instructions provided herein so as to ensure proper operation of the product.

– Composition –

Use of stainless steel ensures high durability and corrosion resistance, and the automatic temp controller maintains constant temperatures.

Connection to the lead-in line of DRAIN MASTER® Series is done by the screw thread for easy installation. Series

It is applicable to any model of DRAIN MASTER® Series and also to the existing trap.

※ For freeze protection

Technical Data
Application Temp’ -25 ~50℃ Power 110, 220Vac(±10%) 50~60Hz
Weight 0.4kg Switching Temp’ On/+5 ~ Off/+15℃
Threaded Connection G1/2” Power Input Pac < 125W
Material (Heating Cartridge) Stainless Steel Cable Cross-section 3 X 0.75㎟
(Connecting Cable) PVC 220Vac/125W Order ref. : A DM 00-1
Operating Pressure(max) 60 bar 110Vac/125W Order ref. : A DM 00-2


DM – 5,15,50

INLET x 2 : Installation by inserting a gasket into the bottom inlet hole.

DM – 150, 150B, 500, 500B

INLET x 3 : Installation by inserting a bushing and gasket into the bottom inlet hole.

DM – 1500, 1500B

Exclusive line for the heater(1/2”) : Installation by inserting a gasket into the bottom inlet hole.



1. Install according to the instructions and maintain rated voltage.

2. Provide a heating system to the condensate lead-in line.

3. Run the heating system in a frozen area or during winter.

4. Power installation should be done by qualified technicians.

※ Do not provide a heating system to our heater exclusively used for the trap.